Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Tank tops. Shorts. Skirts. I've been wearing them all a lot more often than ever before this summer and it's not just the heat. I have been more appreciative of my body after giving birth. Yes, things still chafe, jiggle, and bulge and I'm not totally comfortable in these summer staples just yet but I've noticed a major shift and I am very much enjoying the freedom-mentally as well as physically.

It took my hubbo pointing it out, but I also have good progress to celebrate and appreciate in another way. In fact, I can show instead of just tell:

I wrote this note to myself last night after staying up to finish watching "Star Trek Into Darkness." It says "you are feeling manic DO NOT over exert yourself <3 H." I was feeling a bit "I can do anything" after the exciting movie and anticipating the urge to clean and do too much too fast the next morning. 

This morning I actually did need the reminder and it came in handy but the hubster was most impressed by the fact that I was being easier on myself not to mention more courteous in a way, instead of beating up on myself or just bemoaning the mood shift. Feels good to be proactive.

More jollyness... I know I'm not exactly stable but it feels good not to feel horrible and it makes it so much easier to appreciate Baby. Since it's not always the case, I wanted to share some cute pics and a video and relish this state of mind a bit! Warning: I am utterly obnoxious in the video but Baby's sigh and face at the end is hilarious, as if to say "Well, thank goodness that's over, maybe she'll leave me alone now."

He used to ignore the mobile and now instead of just gazing at it, he dismantles it!
Definitely working on those motor skills.

It's a prime spit up scenario but he sure loves his play gym,
the flannel helps a bit with spit up, when he hasn't yanked it out of the way...
He's rolling over in both directions now and really yanking on those toys!


  1. Your little one is adorable! I really enjoyed the video. It brought back so many memories of when my girls were little. There is nothing quite like a baby laughing. It's such a beautiful sound!

  2. OH, Martha is here! Hi, Martha!

    I am so proud of you. Seeing that you are manic and knowing what to do is huge.

    You are not obnoxious and baby is so, so, so cute! More, please!

    1. Hey, Birdie! I followed you over. If this is a friend of yours, it's a good friend :)

  3. I've been trying to capture pure giggles without my phone booming over the phone's mic but it's so difficult! I will keep on trying though :)

    1. My voice booming not my phone booming. Glad my phone isn't "booming," whatever that could mean haha


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