Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Upping the Ante

1) Baby is taking his teething up a notch. Still don't seem to have any teeth pushing through but he's getting into some intense spells of fussiness.

He becomes clammy and inconsolable, thankfully nursing seems to work but then we have to deal with the spitting up! He enjoys groping our cool, empty cans of sparkling water but last night he cut himself (a little chink out of his finger, nothing major but some blood) so we have to figure out a new solution for him. It's soooooo stressful.

I feel like I'm barely managing as is and then to have this happen?! The poor hubster was losing hair too. I was worried about Baby getting teeth and nursing and my poor nipples, now I just want this to be over with!

2) Therapy was... different yesterday. It was upsetting but I'm ashamed to admit it because the only upsetting part was that I was off base on a self-analysis I had made earlier in the weekend. I had snapped at the hubs and said something bitchy and I thought it must've been because I was feeling insecure, like how a bully attacks other people because they feel bad about themselves, but after talking with my therapist it seems like I snapped because I was just overworked and tapped out.

It makes sense, it's reasonable, but for whatever reason not being right about something and then being reminded that I'm not hanging in there as well as I thought really brought me down. Somehow being made aware of my exhaustion made it weigh more on me and that evening I was cranky and tired and plodding. The hubster took the lead with baby care but I was still agitated and we were snippy and cranky with each other. Thankfully we were aware of this and able to work through it instead of marinating but it was a tiring evening!

3) It seems like Baby is getting dangerously close to crawling. I know it could be another few months so I'm not gonna get too worked up, but I'm already dreading the baby proofing and challenge of a mobile baby.

And Fio better watch his tail....

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  1. I clean wet frozen wash cloth helped a little when my kids were teething but I don't remember much of anything helping. Poor little lamb. :-(


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